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One way to have fun while learning to read at the same time is through reading plays. Second grade learns reading fluency through what is called "reader's theatre." Through reader's theatre, students are encouraged to read smoothly with feeling - just like the character would. At this stage in our reading development, acting out the parts might be a little distracting. Instead, we focus on telling the story with our voices.

Below are listed some of the plays that we have used in class. As time allows, I would love to continue adding to our collection. Please feel free to use these scripts at home to practice reading fluency. Although some scripts have many parts, these scripts are often based on favorite children's stories. Many of the scripts only have a few parts, which would make reading with family members a breeze. Challenge your children to practice a play while you cook dinner, and then have a "dinner theatre" performance after eating!

Happy Reading!


When Santa Lost His Boots!
by J. Griffin
Characters: Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elves, Reindeer, Rudolph, narrator

Narrator: This story takes place at the North Pole in Santa’s
house on Christmas Eve.
Santa: “I can’t find my black boots! Who ever heard of Santa
wearing sneakers on Christmas Eve? I need to start
delivering presents in forty-five minutes!”
Mrs. Claus: “Did you look in the closet?”
Santa: “Yes, I looked there!”
Mrs. Claus: “Did you look under the bed?”
Santa: “Yes, I looked there!”
Mrs. Claus: “Did you look in the sleigh?”
Santa: “Yes, I looked there! I’ve looked everywhere for my
First Elf: “Santa, did you look beside the chimney?”
Santa: “Yes, I’ve looked everywhere!”
Second Elf: “Did you look in the coat closet beside the door?”
Santa: “Yes, I tell you, I’ve looked everywhere!”
All: “He’s looked everywhere!”
Third Elf screams: “ Help! Someone has stolen Santa’s boots!”
Fourth Elf: “What do you mean, someone has stolen Santa’s boots?”
First Reindeer: “Do you think we have a thief here at the North
Second Reindeer: “You know we don’t have any thieves here!!”
First Elf: “Maybe they are in the lost and found?”
Second Elf: “We don’t have a lost and found, because no one
ever looses anything!”
Third Elf: “Maybe we should have one!”
Fourth Elf: ‘Where would we put it?”
Santa: “Why are you worrying about a lost and found? That’s
not helping me find my boots!”
Mrs. Claus: “Santa is right!”
All: “We’ve got to find his boots!”
First Reindeer: “Santa, are you sure you looked everywhere?”
Santa: “Yes, I’ve looked everywhere! I’ve looked in the house,
and I’ve looked in the garden. I’ve looked in the barn, and
I’ve looked in the shed! I’ve looked in the kitchen, and I’ve
looked in the den! They are not here!”
Second Reindeer: “I think Santa has looked everywhere!
All: “Here come’s Rudolph!”
Rudolph: “Hey, are we going around the world tonight or not?
Why is everyone standing around? We’ve got lots of
presents to deliver!”
All: “Santa has lost his boots!”
Rudolph: “No he hasn’t. I cleaned out the sleigh and found them
under the seat.”
All: “Rudolph found Santa’s boots!”
Santa: “You found them in the sleigh! I wonder how they got
Mrs. Claus: “Don’t you remember telling me you never could find
them on Christmas Eve. You decided to put them where
you’d never loose them!”
All (laughing): “Santa, next year Mrs. Claus will take care of
your boots!”
Rudolph: “Is everything ready for us to leave now?”
Santa: “Yes, I already put the presents in the sleigh. So we’re
ready to go!”
Mrs. Claus: “Santa, have you forgotten anything?”
Santa: “No, I don’t think so.”
Mrs. Claus: “Don’t you think you should put your boots on?”
Santa: “I guess I forgot!”
All: (laughing) “Oh, Santa!”
Narrator: Santa is ready to leave the North Pole and travel
around the world to deliver his toys. Do you think he’ll loose
his boots again? I certainly hope not! Wouldn’t he look funny
in his red suit and sneakers?
The End!

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Parents and Teachers:

I hope to make my website a growing resource for developing readers. If you find links to any interesting, appropriate scripts for first graders, please send me the link or a copy of the script!