Board of Education Staff

Williams, Stan

Jones, Vera
Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services 

Holmes, Dr. Nancy
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction 

Thompson, Monica
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources 

Matthews, Brooks
Assistant Superintendent of Auxiliary Services 


Allen, Kevin
Director - Exceptional Children 

Castle, Allison
Director - Grades 9-12 

Harmon-Lewis, Patricia
Director - Public Relations 

Hartley, Lynn
Director - Career and Technical Education 

Holloway, Myra
Director - Grades 6-8 

Ferguson, Brookie
Director - Grades 3-5 

Jones, Vera
Director - Student Services 

Pittman, Jeff
Chief Technology Officer 

Roy, Tara
Director - Grades K-2 and ESL 


Stephens, Dana
Director - Title I 

Bagby, Debra
Employment Coordinator 

Blanchard, Beth
Technology Coordinator - 6-12 Instructional Technology 

Byrd, Jennifer
Technology Coordinator - K-5 Instructional Technology 

Denning, Deborah
NCWise Coordinator 

Gainey, Sharon
Testing Coordinator 

Parkes, Rick
Network Administrator 

Thomas, Jami
NC Wise Support Specialist