Ms. Tamekkia Cotton 

Hello.  My name is Tamekkia Cotton and I was honored to be chosen as Boone Trail’s Teacher of the Year for 2013-2014 school year.  This is my 7th year teaching and my 12th year in Education. I taught first grade for the past 6 years and this will be my first EXCITING year teaching 2nd grade!  When I began my career, I started as a Self-Contained Teacher’s Assistant in the Multi-Categorical classroom.  I remained in that position for 5 ½ years.  During that time, I felt the urge to go a little further in my Education.  I then worked towards earning my Bachelors degree.  I graduated from Fayetteville State University in May of 2007.  I am currently licensed in Elementary Education and certified to teach K-6.  I am currently working towards my Masters degree in Executive Leadership with plans to graduate next May 2014.  After which, I plan to pursue my next career assignment in Administration. 


I currently reside in Lillington, North Carolina.  Some of my favorite things to do are to go shopping and spend time with family and friends and LAUGH!  Another passion of mine is Music.  I am currently the Choir Director at my church and I love it!  I love music and the different genres as well as the teaching of it.  Who knows…that may be my 3rd career path!


I have been truly blessed with a loving and supportive family and friends.  The Lord has been so good to me and I thank Him for my life, health and strength on a daily basis.  I truly count it an honor and a privilege to serve as Teacher of the Year for the upcoming school year.  I am so excited for the new opportunities and the new challenges that I will embark upon.


Mrs. Margie Bass 

  My name is Margie Bass.  I have been chosen to be Teacher Assistant of the Year 2013-2014.  I am excited and overwhelmed to represent Boone Trail Elementary School.  I have worked as an assistant for 17 years.   I love assisting in the classroom and helping the students in any way possible.  The rewarding outcome is seeing them grow academically.  

  I live in Lillington, NC.  I have a daughter and she is 24 years old.  She teaches Special Education at Harnett Central High School.  

  I love shopping, going to the beach, and spending time with family and friends.  I am so blessed to have the family I have and the friends too.  Being part of the Boone Trail Family is also very important to me.  They are a wonderful group of people to come to work with everyday.  

  I consider it an honor to be your Teacher Assistant of the Year.  I thank the Lord for this opportunity, my life, my family and my job.  I look forward each and everyday to be able to come to work and see the faces of those precious children, for they are our future leaders.  Thank you for giving me such an honor.