NCRA 2011-2012 Young Authors
"The Treasures of North Carolina"

Congratulations to our 2011-2012


My Teacher, Mr. Everett


Most people value money or jewels as treasures. I treasure my teacher Mr. Everett because he helps me with projects and work when I don’t understand and he’s a friend of mine who is funny and nice.

One reason I treasure Mr. Everett, is he helps me learn important things like rounding and exponents. I’ll need these things he teaches me to pass to the evil, difficult, middle school.  When I take SAT’s in college and I’m asked a scientific question involving exponents, I will look back and remember how Mr. Everett taught this. He teaches in fun, memorable, ways so we remember how much fun we had learning those things.

Mr. Everett is always positive and usually always cheerful. He cares about every single person in his class. He’s hilarious and a talker. If I’m ever not feeling well, he does whatever he can to get me home and feeling better. One day I was trying to stay but had a killer headache and a stomachache. He called me out and suspected I was feeling bad. He called my mom and let me go to the bathroom. When you’re sad, he cheers you up in little time.

If you don’t understand something, he’ll spend all the time needed helping you. There’s been countless times this year I’ve seen him explain something to a student and then, like magic, the student suddenly understands. He’s always walking around the room looking for a confused student. He never really gets mad unless they do something bad.  He’s the awesomest, coolest, most helpful teacher I’ve had.

Every person has a different treasure but mine is my teacher, Mr. Everett. With his awesomeness and caring, he always puts a smile on my face. It makes me wish I could stay in 5th grade forever.  



Boone Trail Elementary

5th grade

Harnett County Reading Council

My Treasure


My greatest treasure is my family.  They are all special to me.  My family is always there when I am stuck.  The most important person is my mom.  She always pushes me to the edge.  The treasure in her is all of the love in her.  She wakes me up in the morning so I do not miss the bus.

My mom always keeps me from getting sick.  One time I had pneumonia and she took me to the doctor.  He said I need some shots so my mom talked me into doing it.  She stood by my side all the way through.  My mom is such a great treasure to me.  She helps me understand my division problems.  If my mom ever saw me upset she would always try to cheer me up.  That is one of the best ways to describe my mom – a cheer up person.  I love it when she makes up jokes out of the air.  She is the best treasure to me.



Boone Trail Elementary

5th grade

Harnett County Reading Council

My Treasure


If you like family then this is the story for you! My treasure is my cousins. I treasure them because they love me, they are nice and because we treat each other like brother and sister.  I have nine cousins, six boys and three girls. Counting my sister and me it makes it 11. The newest cousin is Grace.  She married my cousin Ben.

One time when I went to Busch Gardens with my cousins and aunts, my cousin Zach won me an angry bird! Another time, I was at my cousin Leslie’s house and she encouraged me to feed her HUGE potbelly pig named Pete! Times like these show me they love me. They are important to me because my cousins care when I accomplish something. And only someone who loves me would win me an angry bird!

  When any one in our family is sick or hurt we usually send them a card or pray for them. When I get hurt they visit me or send me a card and this shows how much they care about me.

We fight sometimes but if we do it’s over something simple like who ate the last doughnut. We can also be as nice as possible when someone ate the last carrot -we don’t care. I love them so much you don’t even know.

When people in North Carolina think of cousins maybe it’s not that big of a deal, but it is to me. All my cousins have a place in my heart. I count them as my brothers and sisters! If you have a brother or sister you know what I mean.  I wouldn’t give them away for anything you could imagine.



Boone Trail Elementary

5th grade

Harnett County Reading Council 

Raven Rock Park 


Down the road from my house,

Is Raven Rock State Park.

It is a place of beauty and history,

Where you can walk the trails till dark.

View the giant cliffs and natures mystery.

As the chill of Fall fills the air,

The Cape Fear river is slowing down.

Animals gathering food stop to stare,

As summers leaves fall to the ground.

Park Rangers tell tales of a time long ago,

When taking the ferry down river ,

Was the only way they knew to go.

So if your ever in Harnett County,

You may want to check out natures bounty. 


Boone Trail Elementary

4th grade

Harnett County Reading Council