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Frequently Asked About Topics Regarding Policy
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Policy Code:  4400 Attendance

Policy Code:  3300 School Calendar and Time For Learning

Policy Code:  4300 Code of Student Conduct
Policy Code:  4351 Short-Term Suspension
Policy Code:  4352 Removal of Student During the Day
Policy Code:  4353 Long-Term Suspension, 365 Days Suspension, Expulsion

Policy Code:  3450 Class Rankings and Grading Scales
Policy Code:  3420 Student Promotion and Accountability

Policy Code:  3460 Graduation Requirements

Policy Code:  1740/4010 Student and Parent Grievance Procedure
Policy Code:  1720/4015/7225 Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying and Cyberbullying Complaint Procedure

Policy Code:  3135 Homework

School Assignment
Policy Code:  4150 School Assignment

Policy Code:  3220 Technology in the Educational Program
Policy Code:  3225/4312 Technology Acceptable Use

Testing & Accountability
Policy Code:  3410 Testing and Accountability Program