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Mrs. Lewis-Bernard


I'm Tonya Lewis-Bernard, or just Mrs. Bernard.  As a long-time military kid and then spouse, I'm happy to say we've found our forever home here in North Carolina.  My husband and I are both teachers, and he teaches 7th grade Science.  I love teaching Social Studies and working to create conscientious future citizens for the next generation.  I believe this is one of our most important jobs as adults.  I also believe very strongly in the need for healthy, active public schools as a central institution of our community.  I often tell my students they can't complain unless they're willing to work to make things better.  With the goal of being a good role model and practicing what I preach, I am attending law school for my JD in order to one day advocate for public schools, teachers and kids.  I have a BA from the University of Oklahoma in Literature and History and a Master's in Medieval Studies from the University of Notre Dame.  I spend way too much time surfing the 'net and watching TV--when I should be studying, but, really--who doesn't?

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