Stephanie Jordan

Phone: 919-499-5113 ext. 2424


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science (LSU, 2004) College Board/ AP Teacher NC & LA State Certified

Stephanie Jordan


"The price of success is much less than the price of failure." Zig Ziglar

I was born and bred in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and moved to North Carolina (and taught at WHHS) since February 2010. I graduated from Louisiana State University, or LSU (Geaux Tigers!) in 2004, receiving my Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with a minor in English/Literature.  I began teaching in August of 2004. 



1. I want students to enjoy our time together; more so, I want education to improve their lives the same way it improved mine. My goal is to educate, to motivate- not to make friends with my students.

2.  Teaching is my job- how I earn a living to support my own family, so I approach my job and conduct myself accordingly. 

3.  I have two children of my own- Matthew, 12, and, Riley, she’s 6.5. I do not miss work (except for my own children). I give students exactly what I expect of my own children’s teachers- a very best and most honest effort.

4.   I adore my profession and love what I teach. Reading and discussing literature have taught me who I am, and I am grateful for this.

5.  I treat students fairly. I believe in honesty and self-reflection. On the other hand, I am human. Although I never set out to, I do make mistakes, and I have no problem in admitting I'm wrong. If ever there is a concern, please begin by contacting me.

6.  I am less concerned with the quantity of correct answers than I am with the quality of effort. All I ask of my students is they try. I understand not all my students are as passionate about learning as I am, but I also believe students often confuse what they feel like doing with what they're capable of doing.

7. Being successful, in my opinion, is a life style choice. Personally, I believe a child’s success is as high (or low) as they choose it to be. Where a student’s been and where they’ll go are not the same.  Humans are happiest when they know they’re giving their best.

8. I believe every student has earth-shattering potential. I believe the rougher the road- the more powerful life can be. I believe in big dreams.

9. I am a (gentle) “pusher,” and I am proud of it; it’s just who I am. I would not be able to look myself in the mirror if I knew I was letting any child leave my classroom without attempting to unlock the potential stored inside. I struggled (still do) with dyslexia, but I never gave up. I am thankful for those who pushed me.

10. I believe grades are dictated as much by habits outside of class as inside class. I believe it’s a parent’s duty to partner with teachers to reinforce education at home.