July 22 - 25, 2019

    Location: Western Harnett
     Middle School 

    11135 NC Highway 27 West, Lillington
    , NC 27546

  • Daily Schedule:

    • 8:30 Students arrive and report to the gym and will be directed to their first session.  Signs and staff will be available to help students find their sessions.
    • 8:30 – 10:20 Session I
    • 10:20 – 10:35 Snack/Break in the Cafeteria Area
    • 10:35 – 12:25 Session II
    • 12:30 Dismissal

    **Snacks are provided by the Harnett County Schools’ Nutrition Department

    **Thursday’s Schedule will be amended for Parent Visitation from 11:30-12:30.


    Students will be dropped off at the front of the school each day.  

    Health Concerns/Dietary Restrictions:

    Parents should let the coordinator know of any health concerns, or dietary restrictions, for their child not previously listed on the application.

    Photographs and Videos:

    A parent signature on the application gives permission for students to appear in Summer Trek pictures and videos.

    Carpool Procedures:



  • SUMMER TREK 2019




    Canjos Blues! Play away your summeritme blues with a Canjo!  You build it and play it!!  Grades 3-5  Andrew Seilus
    CSI (Certified Sealey Investigators) Come and learn forensic and investigative skills to solve a treacherous crime.  Grades 6-8 Sarah Sealey
    Cigar Box Guitar Blues! Play away your siumertime blues with a Cigar Boc Guitar!  You will build it and learn to play!  Grades 6-8  Jay Pope
    Fun with Light and Lasers  Want to be given a chance to become that next great innovator?  Then learning about laser and light technology is the way to go!!  Grade 8  Mike Lubawski
    Beads, Buttons, and Bracelets, Oh My!!  Students will learn to use jewelry tools to create different bracelets.  Learn Kumihimo weaving, how to use crimp beads on wire and work with a variety of materials to design your own jewelry.  Grades 3-8 Angela Walter 
    Culture Club  Hear ye, Hear ye...ever want to learn a second language? Well, come to my session and learn technological ways and resources to begin...today:) Grades 3-8  Charles Winstead
    Engineering is Elementary  Do you have what it takes to drop a raw egg without breaking it? You and your group members will compete for supplies and build a device that will protect your egg!  Grades 3-8
    Katie Allen 
     Exploring The Ecosystem Ever want to know why the world works the way it does? Join Mr. Josey and Ms. Henriksen on the exploration of our ecosystem.  Grades 3-8  Erika Henriksen
     Extreme Bridge Building If you like building, creating, or engineering, you will enjoy extreme bridge building, with the opportunity to work with a partner to create a masterpiece!  Grades 3-8  Brad Peffly
    Forensic Science - Catch a Killer  Forensic Science: To Catch A Killer!
    DNA construction(model) Grades 6-8
     Stacie Siebert
     Have Ewe Any Wool? Crocheting is an art form that has been around for centuries and is practiced the world over. Come and learn this amazing yarn craft and create beautiful blankets, scarfs, and other items for your friends.  Grades 3-8  Jessica Chou
    Into Orbit! Exploring Space  Do you want to know about traveling to the Moon and Mars? Sign up for Into Orbit to learn about the history and future of space travel and do some fun activities that are out of this world!  Grades 3-8  Carla Butts
     It's All About that Code Get ready to shape your future and build skills that are in demand by companies like Apple, Google, Facebook and Epic Games. In this intensive coding lab you will learn HTML5, CSS, and Java Script while building apps, web sites, and games using code.orgs App Lab, Web Lab and Game Lab. Grades 3-8
    Anna Pollard 
    Join the Party...It's Zumba Time!  Join the Party! Learn and Dance to the newest International Grooves. This is a high energy, high impact dance party! Join the Fun!  Grades 3-8  Margaret McNeill
     "Let's Cut to it" Learn how to use a Silhouette Machine to create designs and monograms for your favorite items. You will learn how to use Heat Transfer & Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl. Students will make several projects and learn about entrepreneurship.  Grades 3-8 Kim Smith 
     Let's Go on a Treasure Hunt! You will learn how to use a GPS to geocache and find hidden treasures. Then you will hide some treasure of your own, mark the GPS coordinates, and write clues for someone else to find!  Grades 3-8  Kirsten Anzaldua
     May the "FORCE" Be With You! Are you a Star Wars Fan? Join us as we explore physics concepts like force, mass, acceleration and gravity in a fun, Star Wars related theme using Spheros, drones and virtual reality.  Grades 3-8  Wendy Moorehead
    PAINT!   Do you like to make your own colors? Would you like to learn techniques and styles? Come PAINT!!  Grades 3-8  Lori Gardner
     Paint 'Til You Faint Get ready to get messy and paint till you faint! Paint on canvas, wood, concrete, and much more! Grades 3-8  Melinda Alvarado
    Roll Out the Red Carpet!  Use green screen technologies and different apps to create your own movie. Lights, Camera, Action!  Grades 3-8  Andrea Abate
     Sprk Olympics Students will use Sphero Sprk robots to engage in critical thinking and programming. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Grades 3-8  Tammy Genthe
     Surroundings What’s your favorite place in the school? Learn to sketch and paint cool school settings somewhere other than the art room.  Grades 3-8  Kaya Holder
     Tasty Appetizer Party: All Spanish (TAPAS) Learn to cook appetizers from Spanish speaking countries. You'll love tasting these cheesy, gooey, saucy and just plain delicious appetizers. Grades 3-8  Elizabeth Langston
     Technology  Let's CONNECT Technology to the CONTENT!!!  Learn how to implement technology into your favorite class to promote your success!  Grades 3-8 Laverne Godfrey-Jones