July 16 - 19, 2018

    Harnett Central Middle School 

    2529 Harnett Central Road, 
    Angier, NC 27501

  • Daily Schedule:

    • 8:30 Students arrive and report to the gym and will be directed to their first session.  Signs and staff will be available to help students find their sessions.
    • 8:30 – 10:20 Session I
    • 10:20 – 10:35 Snack/Break in the Cafeteria Area
    • 10:35 – 12:25 Session II
    • 12:30 Dismissal

    **Snacks are provided by the Harnett County Schools’ Nutrition Department

    **Thursday’s Schedule will be amended for Parent Visitation from 11:30-12:30.


    Students will be dropped off at the front of the school each day.  

    Health Concerns/Dietary Restrictions:

    Parents should let the coordinator know of any health concerns, or dietary restrictions, for their child not previously listed on the application.

    Photographs and Videos:

    A parent signature on the application gives permission for students to appear in Summer Trek pictures and videos.

  • SUMMER TREK 2018




    The Art of Rock Painting

    Discover creative and innovative ways to transform rocks into works of art.

    Barbara Mercado

    The Baconator!

    Come to cook and eat recipes made with different types of bacon.

    Elizabeth Langston

    Chalet Lanpher         

    Blast Off!

    Blast Off and have fun building all sorts of rockets.

    Carla Butts

    Break-out Box Challenge

    Participate in the fun of break-out challegnes, and create challenges for your classmates to solve!

    Michelle Vuncannon

    Tammy Genthe

    Civil War Technology

    See and experience technology from the Civil War era and learn how war advanced knowledge.

    Andy Cole

    Gary Pierce

    Color, Color, Color!

    Learn how science and art overlap and work together in Color Theory!

    Lori Gardner

    CSI (Certified Sealey Investigators)

    Be a Certified Sealey Investigator!  Compile evidence, solve a murder case, and prepare for trial.

    Sarah Sealey

    Mary Ann Sanders

    Dances Around the World

    Explore cultural dances from around the world.

    Christy Wilson

    Barbara Frankson

    Engineering is Elementary

    Compete for supplies and build a device that will protect your egg!

    Katey Allen

    Manjari Parten

    Extreme Bridge Building

    Use higher level thinking to build a bridge with popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and hot glue.

    Brad Peffly

    Forensic Science

    DNA construction model

    Stacie Siebert

    Have Ewe Any Wool?

    Come learn to crochet and the possibilities and projects will be endless!

    Jessica Chou

    Inspiring Engineers

    Create logos, build roller coasters and towers.  Compete in Catapult challenges!

    Beth Babcock

    Wendy Nash

    LEGO League

    Identify one or more Missions to solve.  Design a robot using LEGO Mindstorms that can solve it.

    Wendy Moorehead   

    Kim Carroll

    Let's Get Coding

    Explore the world of coding, computers, and creativity.

    Autumn Byrd

    Sharon Tew

    Let's Go on a Treasure Hunt

    Become an expert on Global Positioning Systems.  Learn all about geocaching.  Hide and find treasures!

    Kirsten Anzaldua

    Kim Godwin

    Lost in the Amazon

    Work on developing solutions to problems that one would face if lost in the Amazon Rainforest!

    Susanna Hitt

    Mini-Medic and the Science of Firefighting

    Learn how to recognize and manage common medical and trauma conditions.  Learn the basics of firefighting and the science behind it.

    Jennifer Knepp

     Reggie Hocutt

    Money, Money, Money

    Learn personal finance skills to help plan for the future.

    Audra DeSorbo

    Larry Clarke

    STEAM Broadcast

    Record videos documenting different sessions and create news broadcast each day!

    Rita Perry

    Team work Makes the Dream Work

    Work together and strategize with team members to achieve a common goa and win games.

    Morgan Hall

    David Byrd

    Top Chef Cooking 6-8

    Get exposed to new foods and tastes, and then try it at home!

    Richard Pearl                              

    Top Chef Cooking 3-5

    Get exposed to new foods and tastes, and then try it at home!

    Melanie Mitchell


    Dive deeper into the singular realm.  Extract DNA!

    Erika Henriksen       

    Justin Josey

    Unique Recycled Home Décor

    Create decorations for your room and home using recycled items.

    Angela Buie

    Robots Are Taking Over

    Are robots good or evil?  Let us build one and find out!

    Marie Rogers