• Summer Trek 2021 

    July 26 - 29, 2021

    Coats Erwin Middle School

    2833 NC HWY 55 East

    Dunn, NC 28334


    Coats-Erwin Middle

    Daily Schedule: 8:30 Students arrive and report to the gym and will be directed to their first session.  Signs and staff will be available to help students find their sessions.

    • Monday - Tuesday (8:30-12:30) Session I
    • 10:20 – 10:35 Snack/Break in the classroom
    • Wednesday - Thursday (8:30-12:30) Session II
    • 12:30 Dismissal

    **Snacks are provided by the Harnett County Schools’ Nutrition Department


    Carpool Map


    Students will be dropped off at the front of the school each day.  

    Health Concerns/Dietary Restrictions:

    If there are any health or dietary concerns, please provide that information on the student's application.

    Photographs and Videos:

    A parent signature on the application gives permission for students to appear in Summer Trek pictures and videos.


    Summer Trek Sessions

  • Just Roll with It!

    People hoarded toilet paper in preparation for the Covid pandemic.  Now let's use make use of those empty rolls by creating crafts with them (wreaths, planters, bird feeders, characters, cars, and so much more).

    Bottle Rockets

    What does it take to keep a water bottle rocket in the air as long as possible? Find out how you can build, design, and launch a homemade water bottle rocket with just air pressure and water.

    Save the Oceans!

    There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. Of that mass, 269,000 tons float on the surface, while some four billion plastic microfibers per square kilometer litter the deep sea. How can we begin to solve this problem without harming marine life in the process?

    Explore Space!

    IF you love space, astronauts, robots, and more you will love Explore Space!  We will look at human and robotic space exploration with an emphasis on exploring Mars.

    Extreme Bridge Building

    Do you like building things and having the freedom to be as creative as you want?  Bridge Building is a fun way to get both.

    Piano Lessons for Beginners

    Attention music lovers ... know you've always wanted to learn to play the piano! Beginning piano lessons will get you started in a whole new world of musicianship!

    A Career in Music

    This session is to present career pathways in Music Composition and Education. Students will learn about musical instruments, performing ensembles, and writing music.

    How to Successfully Achieve Greatness in High School!

    Teaching students to set Goals each School Year in order to maximize their grade point average.   Teaching students to stay on track with their Graduation plan.

    At the Barre: An Introduction to Dance

    At the Barre: An Introduction to Dance is a fast-paced, fun, and creative introduction to the art of dance that is perfect for those who have always wanted to dance or those with years of experience looking for a chance to fall back in love with the basics! We will be immersing ourselves in what it means to be an artist and a creator while learning correct ballet and jazz techniques with fun, energetic music and movement.

    Bracelets, Beads, and Buttons, Oh My!

    Students will create a variety of bracelets using different tools and materials, including Kumihimo Weaving, Memory Wire, Toggle Clasps, and more!  By the end of the week, students will have several bracelets of their own to take home.

    Paint Till You Faint

    Come one and come all! Let's get ready to paint, paint, and paint! Join us for Paint Till You Faint.

    Music Around the World

    We will be looking at different cultures from around the world and their music. During this time we will also be visiting different locations and using green screen technology to make a video about our trips.

    Fun with Screen Printing

    Learn how to Screen Print using different materials with help from the sun. We'll be able to make our own designs and print them on paper or fabric.


    Come on students let's get fit.  We will eat clean and train dirty while having a party.

    Express Yourself

    We will be learning how to add emotions, body language clarity, and purpose when you speak in front of others.

    The Art of Origami

    Learn the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures, using sticky notes and other sources.

    A DNA Murder Mystery

    A DNA Murder Mystery-can you find the culprit???

    Budget Boss

    Do you have a sense of style and enjoy a budget-friendly lifestyle? Learn how to become the ultimate influencer. In this course, you will learn how to manage your finances, shop economical, D.I.Y your favorite items, and create an entrepreneurial business for your favorite hobbies.

    Dirty Jobs- Come get immersed in the Skilled Trades!

    Come ready to get your hands dirty!  Join us as we explore exciting life skills, careers, and STEM included in the Skilled Trades (Masonry, Carpentry, Automotive, Electrical).

    Funky Art

    Join us as we paint a vivid scene using bubbles, blasters, pendulums, and other unusual, wacky mediums!  Our unique painting techniques will help us create a frame-worthy, memorable piece of art you'll treasure forever!

    Summer Academy of Wizardry and Magic

    Join us for a mystical journey into the world of Harry Potter as we learn how to think like wizards using chemistry and math to create potions, create cryptic messages, and engineer wands of combustion and force. We will investigate and compare the laws of science of our world to Hogwarts' world.

    Fun With Languages

    Have you ever wanted to learn a foreign language and other countries?  Now is your chance to begins your journey.

    Just drone it

    Just imagine getting paid to fly drones, Learn some of the requirements to become a licensed drone pilot.  Learn to fly a drone in class

    Think it. Create It.

    Drawing and Designing are fun and exciting especially when you can create anything you can think of. Come and learn how to use modern Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software used in the industries today.

    Science Extravaganza

    Science is a way for a student to explore the world beyond their means. My session will be filled with nothing but excitement every day. *Be Aware Fun and Learning will be taking place*

    Cigarbox Guitar and AMP kit

    Build your own Cigarbox slide guitar and amp! Learn the basics of playing cigar box guitar!

    Animal Portraits

    Do you like animals? Do you like to draw??? Animal portraits are for you! Try out different mediums and some different techniques.

    Catching Rainbows

    Will there be a pot of gold? Let's determine the density by finding the mass and volume of objects! All while we make our own Rainbow!

    Civil War Technology

    The  Civil War sped up the evolution of technology. Come learn about subjects ranging from textiles to tools of warfare.

    Of Quartz I Love Geology!

    Have you ever found a rock and wondered what type it was? Now you can learn how to identify rock and minerals through hands-on experiments. I guarantee this class will ROCK!!!

    TREK News

    Students will look at news stories and do their own research telling the story in their own words and from their perspective.  They will learn tips to video and save the video.