• Who we are

    We believe learning has no limits.

    All learners deserve access to quality education that prepares them to succeed in an increasingly global society. As educators, we know that our work has an immediate and positive impact on the lives of our learners. Through our commitment to excellence in all that we do, Participate strives to be a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens that empowers learners to engage with the world around them. We promise to support educators as they actively participate in ​learning communities, ignite change and create impact on a global scale.

    What we do

    Participate (www.participate.com) partners with schools and districts to provide leading-edge technology, comprehensive frameworks and support services. These programs and services impact student outcomes by improving teacher practice through collaborative professional learning. For 30 years, educators have used Participate’s professional development and curriculum, language acquisition and cultural exchange teacher programs to create engaging learning environments that empower teachers and inspire students to create impact on a global scale. Participate is a certified B Corp and ‘Best for the World’ honoree headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

    Our Mission

    Participate is committed to ensuring inclusive, equitable learning for all.