• The Mission of our School Counseling Program is to help students learn to become individuals of good character who show good moral judgment as well as develop social accountability for their actions and choices.


    Our School Counseling Program offers a variety of services.


    Classroom Character Education (CCE):

    Many schools call this Guidance Class, but we have named this enhancement class 'Classroom Character Education' because that is exactly what we focus on.  During class the counselors help students learn successful strategies that will help them become good problem solvers.  Counselors develop and base lessons on the American School Counseling Association's ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors.  

    Individual Counseling:

    At times, students may need support than can be offered during CCE.  Any student can meet with the counselor upon request.  Student needs are often self-identified, recognized by a teacher, school administrator, or the counselor.  Our School Counseling Program uses a variety of research based counseling theories and techniques, but most often provides Brief Solution Focused counseling strategies.  During individual counseling sessions (usually 15-20 min length), counselors help students identify a specific concern, help them brainstorm 1-2 specific strategies for changing their behavior/identified problem, and then follow-up with them to see how their situation has changed.  Our role is to help students learn how to feel self-confident and successful in all areas of their life.  

    Group Counseling:

    Throughout the year, the counselors may find that several students in a class, grade, or in the entire school are struggling with the same concern.  When this happens, our counselors will form a small group (generally 4-8 students) that will meet for 4-6 weeks.  During these meetings, students will learn strategies that will help them better control themselves or their situation.  


    Teachers, administrators, and parents are encouraged to contact the counselors if they have concerns about a student or want to learn more about effective strategies that may benefit the student. Reasons for consultation include, but are not limited to: academic performance, social skills, loss of a loved one, and/or behavioral concerns.  Our counselors are responsible for maintaining and ensuring proper follow through of all 504 plans.  

    School Wide Programs: 

    The counselors help facilitate many school-wide programs that help meet the needs of our students. Some of the programs we coordinate here at South Harnett are: Special Assemblies/Programs, the Responsiveness to Instruction (RtI) program, and the LEAD program.  


    Please contact one of the counselors if you have any questions or concerns about your student.  We are here to help!