• Letter from the Superintendent
    Dr. Aaron Fleming



    Dear Harnett County Parents, Staff and Community Members:

    We welcome you to the North Carolina Report Card site for Harnett County Schools for the 2017-
    2018 school year. This site is a resource for information regarding student achievement, class size,
    school safety, school technology, instructional resources and teacher quality at the school level,
    district level, and state level.

    As you review the schools’ information, you will see a letter grade "A-F", as required by state law, on
    the school level report card. Please note that this letter grade is only one measure of school quality
    and that test scores for Harnett County Schools appear to be in line with state trends.

    In Harnett County students in grades 3-8 continue to make steady gains in math and reading
    performance. Students achieving the CCR (College Career Readiness) standards (exam scores of level
    4 and 5) increased in2017-2018 from 38.7% to 39.5% in reading and from 39.6% to 40.9% in math.
    Grade level performance for the District in reading was at 51.1% in 2017-2018 and 51.3% in 2016-17.
    Math grade level performance in grades 3-8 increased from 39.9% to 41.9%.

    Harnett County middle school students in 2017-2018 also gained in both reading and math with CCR
    and GLP standards in grades sixth and seventh. Eighth-grade students showed improvement in math
    with both CCR and GLP standards. Third graders in Harnett County saw an improvement in reading
    in CCR and GLP standards, while math performance was steady in both standards. Much like the
    state, high school Biology scores for CCR standards improved in Harnett County from 39.9% to

    Harnett County continues to remain competitive with the state in these areas with 64% of schools
    meeting their growth and 72% of schools receiving a school performance grade of C or better.
    Harnett County Schools graduation rate is at 86.2% which is also at the state average.

    We are right where the state is as far as trends in data in many categories. We know programs do
    not teach kids. We have to continue to focus on teaching the standards and supporting our students
    in their learning. While we are not where we want to be, Harnett County Schools continues to move
    forward and make progress. I believe if we concentrate on growth, proficiency will come. Our district
    is dedicated to continuing to inspire learners to be leaders. 
    Dr. Aaron L. Fleming
    Harnett County Schools