• In accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Title I, section 1118(b), South Harnett Elementary School will maintain a written parent involvement policy that focuses on programs, activities, and procedures both planned and implemented collaboratively with parents of participating children.  South Harnett will:


    A.   Involve parents in the development of the School Improvement Plan.

    B.    Provide both parents and staff opportunities for review of the School Improvement Plan.

    C.    Plan and implement parent involvement activities designed to improve student academic achievement and school performance.

    D.   Build the capacity for strong parental involvement by identifying barriers to greater participation and using these findings to design strategies for more effective parental involvement.

    E.    Facilitate shared responsibility through a school-parent compact by:

    1.      Helping parents understand all national, state, and local standards and expectations through community-based meetings, information sessions, and multi-language communication (both written and oral, as needed);

    2.     Providing materials to parents to help them with their child’s education;

    3.     Ensuring that all communications are in easy-to-understand formats for all parents;

    4.     Encouraging parents to monitor student attendance, homework completion, and television watching;

    5.     Encouraging participation and support by parent volunteers;

    6.     Involving parents in any preschool programs, parent meetings, or organizations;

    7.     Including parents on each school’s Parent Advisory Council and School Improvement Team;

    8.     Providing support based on reasonable parent requests; and

    9.     Ensuring that all school personnel understands the value of parental involvement.

    F.     Coordinate and integrate all parental involvement strategies within the school.

    G.   Conduct annually with parents a review of this policy and of the strategies for parental involvement listed in the School Improvement Plan.


    South Harnett’s Title I Parent Involvement Policy is designed to acknowledge the importance of teamwork in meeting the needs of each child.  Students will benefit from the collaborative efforts of parents, teachers, administrators, technical assistance and community services, a strong school improvement plan, and the LEA’s constant focus on increased academic achievement for all students. Further, South Harnett’s School Improvement Plan supports this vision with goals and strategies for high student performance and the elimination of all gaps in student achievement.