I have taught third grade for many years and I am always excited about it.  Third grade is a huge transitional year for students, as they go from Satisfactory and Needs Improvement to letter grades.  The expectations that start in third grade will put your child on the path for their high school graduation.  I am excited to be a huge part of that transition.  
    Students are subject to many new social skills when they start third grade, such as; having their own desks, becoming more responsible and reliable, building learned leadership, and strengthening communications skills.    
    We have many things to learn in third grade.  We will build on prior knowledge in all subjects, use writing and grammar efficiently, be given strategies of how to multiply and divide, learn and utilize test taking skills, and more importantly; become great leaders in our classroom and society.  
    My Pledge: 
    I will treat each student with kindness and compassion and give my very best to all.
    Classroom Rights:
    1.  The Student has the Right to Learn
    2.  The Teacher has the Right to Teach