• My Philosophy:

    In order to run an effective classroom, classroom management must be appropriately firm, flexible, and consistent. All students are capable of displaying desired behavior, but they must be taught and expected to do so at all times. With this plan and my style of teaching, I will be able to run a smooth classroom and create a positive learning environment for all students. 


    School Rules

    1. Be Safe

    2. Be On Task

    3. Be Accountable 

    4. Be Respectful  


    Classroom Rules

    1. Keep hands, feet, and objects to one's self

    2. Follow directions and school expectations

    3. Be responsible

    4. Try your best and have a positive attitude

    5. Respect yourself and others (be a buddy, not a bully)


    Consequences and Rewards

    1st Consequence: Reminder of rule

    2nd Consequence: Reflection away from group

    3rd Consequence: Discussion with teacher 

    4th Consequence: Call parent/guardian

    Severe Clause: Principal’s office

    Positive Reward:

    -    Positive notes/phone calls home

    -    Prize from treasure box

    -    Verbal/non-verbal praise