• Snow Day Activities 

    Read -there are many websites online that can read aloud to you or books you can read.










                      Practice letter sounds

                              Practice Counting to 100 by 1's, 5's, & 10's

                              Draw a picture and write a story about it.  Please let your child write it in their own words and spelling. 

                              Practice Math- basic addition and subtraction problems up to 10. (ex:9-5= ___)(ex:10-7=___)

                                                       Solve using pictures. (Draw) Place an (X) on the ones being subtracted.

                              Writing numbers from 10 and up. (ex: 11, 12 , 13...)

                              Measuring- using a tape measure or ruler measure items around the house, a snowman, their feet,

                               a book, etc.  * Record the measurement and draw a picture of what you have measured. Measure

                              how much snow you have at your house.

                              Study/review Sight words and write them.