• 2019 - 2020 (School Year)


    • 2 marble composition books (100 sheets ~ 200 pages) 
    • Scotch tape or glue sticks 
    • Pencils
    • Blue or black pens; NO RED
    • Colored pencils
    • Highlighters 
    • Headphones (used on a daily basis)


    • Hand sanitizer
    • Tissue
    • Clorox wipes
    • Glue sticks


    • Be respectful of everyone in the classroom.
    • Raise your hand to be heard.
    • NO mobile devices; per HCMS policy.
    • NO food or drinks without permission; only clear water.


    Google Classroom: Each student is required to join Mr. Hicks' Science Google Classroom. This will allow students access to online activities, assignments, notes, handouts, videos, and other resources.  

    Grading: Learning Activities (count for 25% of grade); Independent Practice (35%); Assessments (40%)

    Homework: Assigned according to teachers' discretion.

    Absent: Students are responsible for obtaining any work/notes missed while absent.

    • Procedure for absent work.
      • Students are to check the "Absent: Check here for missing work" binder.
        • Here, they'll be able to find the work, behind the tab of the day(s) they missed.
      • Each student has the same number of days to make up work, as the number of days the student was absent.
        • Example: Absent 1 day = 1 day to make up work; Absent 3 days = 3 days to make up work
    • Also, students will be able to refer to the Google Classroom and/or the monthly calendar, hanging on the wall. 

    Late assignments:  Late work is NOT accepted. Any assignments not turned in when due will be recorded as a zero.  

    Behavior Expectations:  RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, and READY!

    • Students are expected to be ready to learn every day by bringing materials to class each day. 
    • Respect teachers, peers, and the classroom.  
    • Profanity and disrespect will NOT be tolerated.  
    • Keep your desk and supply area neat and clean.
    • The hallways are kept quiet.  
      • We travel in single file, straight, quiet lines as to not disturb other classes.
    • Food/drink are NOT allowed in the classroom and NEVER during a lab.
      • Yes, this includes gum.  
      • Only CLEAR water bottles and NO sodas at lunch.
    • No cell phone and/or personal electronics.
      • Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed at HCMS. Students are required to leave them in their bookbags.  
      • If a cell phone/electronic device emits a sound of any kind or is seen being used at any time during the day, including lunch, the following will occur: confiscated by the teacher and taken to the office to be placed in the vault until the parent/guardian can claim phone.
    • Chromebooks are used only for educational reasons.  
      • Playing games and looking at unrelated internet sites, even approved/appropriate, are not allowed.
        • Abuse of technology will result in your privilege to use them being revoked.
    • PowerSchool is to be used by students to monitor their academic progress at approved times during the school day.
      • Parents are encouraged to join PowerSchool; details are in the HCMS front office.


    The HCMS Handbook, rules and procedures are to be followed at all times.