The Eureka Math curriculum was created by Great Minds, a nonprofit that brought together teachers
    and experts to craft a program based on the world’s most successful math programs. Eureka was built
    around the core principle that students need to know more than just what works when solving a problem—they need to understand why it works.

    The curriculum goes beyond facts and formulas, teaching students to think about math conceptually.
    This helps students become not merely literate, but fluent in mathematics.  



    What is iReady?


    i-Ready is an interactive online learning environment designed to assess students and provide individualized instruction based on each one's unique needs. Your child will be using materials from the Ready i-Ready Program this year in math.






    In an effort to help our students learn to gain a better understanding of their emotions and how to manage them in a positive manner, we are using the Zones of Regulation.  The goal is to help students with sensory regulation, executive functioning (i.e. paying attention; starting tasks and staying focused on them; understanding different points of view; organizing, planning and prioritizing, etc.)  and social cognition (i.e. thinking about and/or understanding social interactions.