• Syllabus


     Course Description: Healthful Living focuses on promoting students to participate in physical activity on a regular basis. Also, this class is designed to assist students in developing healthy habits, dealing with such areas as nutrition, stress management, anger management, substance use and abuse, and wellness.
    Course Format: Healthful Living is divided into 1 week segments. Students will rotate from PE, Outside, and Health every Monday. This rotation will continue throughout the entire year.

    Course Requirements: (1) Students will not dress out while in Physical Education; however, they are required to wear tennis shoes, as well as clothing that they can freely move around in. (2) In Health, a notebook is required for organizing health notes and assignments.

    Common Core: In order to enhance overall student skills, students will participate in various assignments throughout the semester that incorporate other content areas, such as Math, Science, Social Studies, and Communications.
                                *** Activities may vary among teachers and grade level.
    Grading:            Independent Practice ----- 40 %

                              Learning Activities ----- 30 %

                              Unit Assessments ----- 30 %

    Activities: Fitness testing, invasion games, hula ball, circuit training, relays, kickball, flag games, volleyball, ultimate football, indoor soccer, basketball, dance, and aerobic dance

                                *** Activities may vary among teachers and grade level.

    Health Activities: Physical fitness, nutrition, substance abuse, stress management, decision making, reproductive health and safety (7th & 8th grade only), self-esteem, and conflict resolution

                                *** Activities may vary among teachers and grade level.