• The Media Center is open daily for checkout 8:00am-8:30am. During this time students may come to the library to exchange books. Students must ask permission from their teacher before coming to the Media Center during this time. 

    Students are able to have two books checked out to them at a time. If your child is missing books from a previous year I will allow them to checkout one new book at a time until the missing book(s) is found or paid for.

    Students are taught how to properly take care of their library books, including the dos and don'ts. Once a book is checked out to a student, that student is responsible for it. I ask them not to let other people borrow their books but instead bring it to the library and I will check it out to the new student to avoid another child losing their book. Students will be charged for lost/missing/damaged books at what the cost is for me to replace the book. Please do not send your child with a replacement book. Books purchased for the library have reinforced bindings and are cataloged, a book purchased from Amazon or a book store will not hold up. Students will be charged for missing barcodes or spine labels ($1). No books are checked out to students if they are missing either one. If your student receives an overdue notice and you have not seen the book at home please check with your child's teacher or afterschool program if they attend one. 

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