• Extended Standards NC Elective Health, Safety, and Independent Living


    This course is designed to make available functional life skills that students require to effectively support participation in curricula, community and recreational/leisure activities. Course Number: Hours of Instruction: Six Semesters or Two Years Assessment: Student learning can be observed through the triangulation of systematic instructional data, student work samples and performance events. Student performance data can be best assessed within the context of a portfolio. This will allow for multiple pieces of evidence and a thorough documentation of student skills and performance. COMPETENCY GOAL 1: Develop and apply skills related to food preparation, safety and sanitation concepts. Obj. # Health, Safety, and Independent Living Elective Objective: 1.01 Understand methods for safety, sanitation, processes, conserving resources, and food preparation. 1.02 Follow recipe and apply procedures for preparing food including measuring, cutting/preparation, mixing, and cooking/cleaning. 1.03 Understand and utilize procedures, equipment, and cooking methods in food preparation. 1.04 Understand food choices by reading food label information and adjusting recipes. 1.05 Understand and demonstrate the principles of basic table setting and meal service. 1.06 Understand and apply guidelines for healthy food choices and their influences. 1.07 Apply principles of health and safety for meal planning, preparation, food selection, and storage. Competency Goal 2: Develop and demonstrate knowledge of maintaining healthy living and prevention of diseases. # Health, Safety, and Independent Living Elective Objective: Develop skills related to healthy living including self-care and first aid. 2.01 Execute exercise programs with safety and effectiveness. 2.02 Apply skills associated with providing simple first aid and obtaining medical treatment when needed. 2.03 Identify symptoms and routine home treatments of common non-serious illnesses such as common cold, fever, headache, stomach ache, and body aches. 2.04 Apply daily hygiene/grooming habits including common practices that help prevent illnesses and germ spreading. COMPETENCY GOAL 3: Develop and demonstrate independent living skills. # Health, Safety, and Independent Living Elective Objective: 3.01 Understand and utilize procedures, equipment and methods in maintaining a clean and organized living environment such as sweeping or vacuuming a floor, washing dishes, etc. 3.02 Understand responsibility of contributing to a living environment such performing basic chores, participating in group decision making, and maintaining interpersonal relationships. 3.03 Define the terms family, friends, acquaintance, community helper, and stranger and identifies at least one person