• 2019-2020 Scholarships




    NCSU Centenial Scholarships: There are 6 scholarships available for students interested in career fields such as engineering, business management, design, chemistry, polymers, forensics, medical fields, fashion merchandising and retail management. If you are interested in being nominated please provide your name, email address, address, and phone number to Ms Stewart. Deadline to submit your information to Ms Stewart is Nov. 1st. You must also be planning to apply early admission to NCSU in order to qualify.

    NCSU Goodnight Scholarship: This scholarship is available for students who are planning to attend NC State University. Those applying must be a NC resident from a family whose income does not exceed $110,000. Applicants must also demonstrate exceptional academic performance in science and math and must be planning to major in a STEM field. You must apply early decision to NCSU...Nov. 1st. For more information visit: goodnightscholarship@ncsu.edu



    Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship - A $1000 scholarship and a $1250 scholarship will be awarded by the Fuquay Woman's Club. Those applying must be ranked in the top fourth of the senior class and be planning to attend a 4-yr university. Applicants must also be a US citizen or a permanent legal resident. (Note: an interview is required, one of your recommendation letters must be provided by someone other than a teacher) Applications are due to Ms Stewart by Dec. 13, 2019.  Sallie Southall Application  Information Flyer

    Cordon Street Endowment Gift Scholarship - $2000. 2 scholarships awarded to NC students. Applicant must be planning to attend a community college or university. Return to Ms Stewart by Dec. 13, 2019.  Application

    Imagine America Scholarship: Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.5, demonstrate financial need, and and demonstrate community service. There are certain colleges that participte in this scholarship program. For information visit: imagine-america.org Deadline to apply is       Dec. 31, 2019



    NC Hispanic Scholarship Fund - Hispanic students interested in applying for several scholarships through the Hispanic Scholarship Fund should visit www.the ncshp.org for application and information. Those applying must have at least a 2.5 GPA and 2 letters of recommendation. Applicants must also provide a personal statement and a high school transcript. Application deadline is Jan. 15, 2020.

    North Carolina High School Athletic Association Scholarships - There are 33 endowment scholarships available for student-athletes. Athletes must play at least 1 sport while in high school for most of the scholarships. Visit nchsaa.org for information on the scholarships....click parents and students, awards and scholarships, endowment scholarships.

    North Carolina Teaching Fellows Scholarship - Scholarships ($8,250 a year) available at Elon, Meredith, NC State, UNC or UNC-C for students planning to enter the field of education and teach in the areas of special education or STEM. For an application and information, visit www.ncteachingfellows.com. Deadline to apply is Jan. 13, 2020.




    Meredith College Impact Scholarships - $20,000 guaranteed scholarship to accepted students who are 1st yr college students and have a minimum UNWEIGHTED GPA of 3.3 with minimum SAT/ACT scores of 1100/22. Visit the Meredith College website for more information.

    Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship - Scholarship for minority high school seniors planning to attend a 4-yr university. Applicants must demonstrate leadership, community service, and present evidence of financial aid. Applicants must have at least a 21 composite ACT score or a combined 1000 on the SAT. To apply, visit jackierobinson.org. Deadline to apply is Feb. 1, 2020.

    Corvias Military Scholarship (for students with a parent who is active duty) - $50,000 in scholarship money available to seniors who have a parent who is active duty military. Seniors applying must have at least a 3.0 GPA. Visit corviasfoundation.org for an application and information about the scholarship. Application deadline is Feb. 14, 2020.

    Matthew C. Graziadei Achievement Scholarship - This scholarship is available to an outstanding high school senior with a disability; including students enrolled in the OCS program. Award amount is $1500. Application deadline is Feb. 12, 2020.  If interested in applying, please see Ms Steart in guidance.