• Cadets in the Army JROTC Program will have on one side an average high school experience with required classes as all others would, but, additionally they will be a part of a time honored program known for and committed to the betterment of young people to the end of making them better citizens and leaders. While participating as an active JROTC Cadet a certain level of professionalism and organizational skills are required. These skills are taught in the unique JROTC class and lab settings. These prepare the Cadet for life in the program and beyond on the collegiate, trade school, military, or work force level and beyond. To this end the program requires two days a week where uniforms are required. Once on Wednesday for a formal ASU inspection and Friday for Physical Training. While all other days normal attire is encouraged. Cadets are eligible to participate in multiple teams with varying goals. Raiders (focused on physicality and discipline), Rifle (focused on marksmanship), Drill (focused on perfecting the standard movements taught to Cadets and beyond), Color Guard (focused on perfecting the presentation of our Nation's Colors), JLAB Academic (focused on furthering academic knowledge for competitions that lead to D.C.) , JLAB Leadership(focused on furthering leadership knowledge and thinking for competitions that lead to D.C.).  Additionally, Cadets are able to attend Summer training events such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) training, Junior Cadet Leadership Camp, etc.

    The average weekly schedule in the program looks as follows:

    Monday:  Classroom Curriculum Focus

    Tuesday: Classroom Curriculum Focus

    Wednesday: Uniform Inspection, Drill & Ceremony 

    Thursday: Leadership LAB & Team Building  

    Friday: Physical Training