Mrs. Yenny Tatiana Gamba

Phone: (919) 499-2200


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor' s in Elementary Education with Emphasis in language: Spanish and English.

Mrs. Yenny Tatiana Gamba

My name is Yenny Tatiana Gamba, I am from Colombia, Bogota, I am woorking in United States as Spanish teacher in Second grade. I have 10 years of experience in Elementary school, I love to travel and know different things around the world, I love cats, in my country I have 2 pretty cats. I am here with my husband Nicolas  and my son Miguel, he is 9 yeras old, he is in the same school as me, he is learning English as a second language and we are learning about American cultur, food and music and we are sharing about our culture, language, food and music.