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    What is Job Shadowing?

    Job Shadowing is an  opportunity for you to spend a designated amount of time, usually a half or full day, with a person who serves as an occupational career model in the area of your career interest. Job Shadowing experience is a practical and useful way for any student to explore    career opportunities and begin planning for their   future.


    Who Can Participate?

    Seniors, juniors, and second semester sophomores at Overhills High School who are interested and willing to commit the time can     participate.  Students will be selected according to availability of shadowing sites and date of application.


    Student Responsibilities?

    • Provide/Secure own transportation to and from the shadowing site

    •  Inform all teachers of date and time of job shadowing

    • Ask teachers for all  assignments that will be missed

    • Arrive on time and  conduct themselves in a mature, responsible  manner

    • Dress professionally

    • Send a personal thank-you letter or note to their occupational/career model

    •  Fill out and turn in post-shadowing report


    ¨ Work with professionals on the job

    ¨ Hands-on experience in the workplace

    ¨ Gain an understanding of career opportunities in a variety of fields

    ¨ Make connection between what is learned in school and what is required in the workplace

    ¨ Ability to make better    career decisions

    ¨ Develop confidence in communicating with adults

    ¨ Improved self-image

    ¨ Increased motivation to  excel in school


    Sample Career Models:     

    • Physical Therapists
    • Registered Nurses
    • Veternarian
    • Culinary Chef
    • Dentist
    • Social Worker
    • Teacher
    • and more!