World History
  • Goals:

    • Gain knowledge about the most fundamental changes in the world from Early Civilizations to present day and see connections between events and larger social, economic, and political trends.
  • Units of Study:

    1– Historical Skills

    2 – Ancient Civilizations

    3 – Rise and Fall of Empires

    4 – World Religions

    5 – Middle Ages

    6 – Renaissance and Exploration

    7 – World Revolutions

    8 – Industrialization, Imperialism, and WWI

    9 – Interwar Years and WWII

    10 – Postwar and the Cold War era

    11-Contemporary History

  • For this course we will be using Schoology for online assignments. If a parent would like access to Schoology to monitor their student's progress, please contact me at for a parent access code.