• Adapted from Dr.Spivey's Newletter (March 23- 27)

    Monday: Write a letter to thank community Heroes! (Firemen, police men, grocery clerks , truck drivers, restaurant workers, etc.)

    Tuesday- Build something a tower Legos, cards, cups, or a fort.

    Wednesday-Start a nature diary or graph of al the trees, flowers, birds bees, things you see.

    Thursday - Make a board game. (Use sight words)

    Friday - Read a book. Take a picture of you reading to share when we get back.


    Another week if needed:

    Monday- Sit quietly outside with an adult and listen for all the things you hear. Make a list write them down.

    Tuesday- Plant or watch a video of how to plant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiPNYlwF7Uw

    Wednesday- Make up a new joke/riddle - It's April Fool's Day!

    Thursday-  Practice counting to 100 by ones and tens. Count how many insects you see. (Remeber count don't touch)

    Friday- Excerise -create a new dance.