• Dear Students,

     I miss you all. Please take time to play and have some fun while you out of school. Be creative and draw or writie some stories.

     I know you miss your friends and your regular schedules.Things will get back on schedule it may just take sometime.

    You may wonder what your teacher is doing while off. The biggest thing I have been doing is wondering about all of you- how and what you are doing. 

    I have been cleaning my yard, my shed, and reading books that I wanted to read. I have also been working on more things to post for you to do.

    I hope you have been reading and studying your sight words.

    Please be good for your parents and be helpful. You can email me with your parents permission @  kflorez@harnett.k12.nc.us

    I hope to see you all soon.


    Your "Kinder" teacher,