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Math 4 Syllabus

Overhills High School

Math 4

Mr. Jeff Loewen  

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Planning Period:   1st  planning hour  (8:00 9:25). 2nd Planning hour second semester (9:30 - 10:55)

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Course DescriptionMath 4 provides students an in-depth study of modeling and applying functions. Home, work, recreation, consumer issues, public policy, and scientific investigations are just a few of the areas from which applications should originate. Appropriate technology, from manipulatives to calculators and application software, should be used regularly for instruction and assessment.

Moving to College and Career Readiness:   This course is designed to meet fourth math course standards for entry into the University of North Carolina system.  Students will be able to read and think critically about a variety of real world math situations.  This course covers a variety of topics that the students will see on SAT/ACT and other college entrance exams. 

Desmos guideline:

Course Pacing Overview Unit Name Duration 

Building Mathematical Community with Parent Functions & Key Features 1 Week 

Functions Unit (piecewise, composition of functions & regression) 2-3 Weeks 

Logarithmic Functions Unit 1-2 weeks 

Trigonometry Unit 2-3 Weeks 

Exploratory Data Analysis Unit 2-3 weeks 

Probability Distributions Unit 2-3 weeks 

Statistical Inference Unit 2-3 weeks 

ACT Prep Unit (Complex numbers, matrices & vectors) 2-3 days

Major Assignments, Projects, and Assessments: Students will take a pre-assessment before each unit to measure any prior knowledge.  Following each unit, students will have a unit assessment that will measure student growth on the concepts learned during the unit learned.  Students will complete a project during the second six weeks to culminate the units on probability.

Grading Policy:

     Summative Assessments:  40%    Formative Assessments:   30%    Learning Activities:  30%

The state of North Carolina uses the Measures of Student Learning (MSL) to measure student growth in Honors Discrete Math.  This test will be used as the final for the class and will account for 25% of the student’s final course grade.


Absentee and Tardy Policies:   I will abide by the Overhills policy and procedures for absences and tardies as presented on pages 18 to 25 of the Overhills HS student handbook available on the Overhills website.

Make-Up Work Policy: In the event of an absence, a student must make up academic work. Work should be made up in a timely manner. Academic work that is not made up in a timely manner may receive less than full credit. Assignments are designed to measure a student’s proficiency on a set of objectives. Suggested time to make up assignments is as follows: (1) One school day for each day absent, for absences of one to three consecutive days and (2) Two school days for each day absent, for absences exceeding three consecutive days. Please note that the times above are suggestions, but extenuating circumstances may dictate otherwise. However, students who do not submit work by the established deadline will incur a 20% penalty on the grade. 

PowerSchool Parental Portal Information: Parents are encouraged to sign up for the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Please see the data manager in our guidance office, to get your account information. Through the Parent Portal, you will have access to your students’ grades, class average, absences, GPA, etc. Please call or email me if you have questions about your student’s progress in my course.

Extra Help: Email is We can also set up a Google Meet for remote learners


RESPECT, RESPECT, RESPECT.  Please refer to the student handbook and your discipline sheet. You will be accountable for all rules in the student handbook.


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