• Dr. Thaddeus Lathan

    910-436-1436 ext 4221

    Planning Period:   1st Period Fall Semester (8:00 am - 9:30 am):  Office Hours Wednesday's (8 am - 930 am)

    Website link: https://sites.google.com/a/harnettstudents.org/lathan/

    Course Description:   Math 2 & Math 3 continues a progression of the standards established in previous courses in mathematics. In addition to these standards, Math 2 includes: polynomials, congruence and similarity of figures, trigonometry with triangles, modeling with geometry, probability, making inferences and justifying conclusions. Math 3 includes: inverse variations, rational functions, polynomial functions, exponential and logarithmic functions

    Text(s) & Resources: Big Ideas Mathematics: Math 1, Math 2 and Math 3  


    1. 3 boxes of Pencils and 4 pens (Black & Blue) 
    2. 3 Ring binder, loose leaf paper and dividers (3 inches or larger) 
    3. Highlighters 
    4. 1 box of tissue 
    5. 1 box of colored pencils 
    6. 1 box of 4 triple A batteries 
    7. 1 pack of post-its 
    8. TI-83 calculator(optional) 
    9. Ear Buds 
    10. 1 Pack of Paper 
    11. Glue stick

    Major Assignments, Projects, and Assessments:  Each student will be responsible for maintaining an e-Portfolio. Following each unit, students will have a unit assessment that will test the concepts taught during that unit. Additionally, there will be a short quiz each week.  Students will be expected to re-test any assessment below 70% during after school tutorials or at a time agreed upon. Further students will be expected to complete 3 to 4 major projects, as well as complete written summations of each unit MLA format. 

    When completing multimedia projects your presentations must be between 6-8 slides or between 2 and 3 minutes. This does not include your first slide which is your name, class period, course and teacher. It does include your introduction and work cited slides. Remember that slides are done using the 7/7 rule. 7 Bullets per slide and 7 words per bullet.


    Grading Policy:

    •Learning Activities: 30%                     

    •Independent Practice:   30%                           

    •Unit Assessment: 40%

    Students are required to make up work that they miss when they are absent from school. Students should be advised that late work is unacceptable; the expectation is that their work is completed in a timely fashion. Therefore, any late work is subject to penalties at the teacher’s discretion.  Work that is more than five days late will not be accepted. Students are expected to take a test or a quiz on the day it is given, unless they have an EXCUSED absence and have missed at least two consecutive days prior to the assessment. Students will receive feedback and grades on their work within a week of its due date, and progress reports will be issued at least twice during a grading period.

    Absentee and Tardy Policies: I will abide and follow the OHS Attendance and Tardy Policies as outlined in the OHS Student Handbook.  

    Make-Up Work Policy: Students will have two days for each day absent to make up assignments and assessments missed. Students are responsible for making sure that they collect their missing work, get appropriate notes and handouts, and complete work within the time frame provided. Students can stay after school during tutorials to make up tests and quizzes.  Lunch-time by arrangement only with teacher.

    PowerSchool Parental Portal Information: Parents are encouraged to sign up for the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Please see the data manager in our guidance office to get your account information. Through the Parent Portal, you will have access to your students’ grades, upcoming assignments, class average, absences, GPA, etc. Please email me if you have questions about your student’s progress in my course.

    Extra HelpI am available for after school tutoring Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons from 2:35 to 4:00 pm or by special request.  

    Helpful Websites:
    •Great site featuring the ever helpful Professor Ed Burger  @ http://burgermath.com/
    •Another great site with a variety of subjects; THINKWELLVIDS @ https://www.youtube.com/user/ThinkwellVids
    •CLASS TEXTBOOK Big Ideas Math Ebook 

    Mobile Phone Free APPS :
    AlgebraTutor, Kahn Academy, Epic Math, KhAndroid,ThinkFree, MindMeister, WeVideo, Google Plus, Google Drive, Calculator X, DESMOS, Big Ideas Mathematics