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    Melanie Lee - Career Development Coordinator



    Career Development Opportunities available to help with student support:

    Job Shadowing/Internship, Career Awareness Fairs
    Industry Tours, Community Based Learning Experiences,
    College Tours/Information, CTE Tutoring
    Mentor/Counseling, and CTE Testing


    Preparatory Service:

    Assists students with selection of appropriate academic and CTE courses. Coordinate career planning activities in classrooms, groups, or individual sessions. Provide and coordinate administration and interpretation of career assessments. Provide information on post-secondary education programs and employment opportunities. Assist students with post-secondary education and employment opportunities.

    Transition Services:

    Facilitate work-based learning opportunities.  Provide and coordinate activities for students to develop employ-ability skills. Promote the integration of career research and work-based learning opportunities into CTE and academic courses. Promote the use of technology for career planning and research.


    Facilitate business, education, and community partnerships that provide opportunities for students and support CTE. Serve as a liaison with the business, industry, education, and military community. Publicize partnership resources.