• Science Project Guidelines

    Due Date: January 3rd, 2019!                     


    The purpose of the project should be to solve a problem.  This is not about a cute trick or a magic show.  Look around at the things you have been questioning all you life.  Is there something you think needs improving?  Is there a better way to do something?  A great experiment should take about 30 days of testing and analysis, so make sure you build this into your schedule.  

    You may want to begin with something you like and enjoy.  Then you are sure to have fun with the project!  You can Google science projects that involve your interests but make it your own.  You will need to follow the Scientific Method to be successful in problem solving.  The Scientific Method will be with you for the rest of your life.  Get to know it now and embrace it.  It is truly your friend!  



    Scientific Method:

    • Identify the problem you think needs looking into.
    • Research sources to find out more about the problem.  Start creating your plan about the “experiment”.
    • Ask a question that you want to answer.  This is the drive to solving the problem.
    • Develop your Hypothesis.  What do you think will happen when you try to solve this problem according to your plan?  Write it as an “If . . . . then . . . .  because . . . .”  statement.  Please see me when you get to this part and before you actually start the experiment.
    • Once you have that whole first part finished, THEN you can begin your experiment!!!!!
    • As you do your testing with the experiment, you will need to record the findings.  What is happening?  Take pictures or sketch what is going on.  Create a data chart, table, graph, or any other image that shows your data.
    • You will also need to write this in a report.  It is not one of those research things where you get all that information from the internet.  This is a report in which you will write about the project you just experimented on.  You should write down everything you did with this project as if you were standing beside me, telling me about the project.  Use your journal as the “notes” for writing this report, but do not put this report in the journal.  They are separate items.  Report may be written by hand or computer generated.
    • As you are recording your findings, you should be studying your graphs and data charts.  Analyze your findings and tell about anything interesting.  This is also a great place to explain what you would’ve done differently.  If the experiment did not turn out the way you wanted, do not quit!  Analyze what happened and explain what you should’ve done.   Even a poorly executed project can get a wonderful grade because you analyzed the faults.  
    • Now, draw your conclusion.  Everything is done and you need to look back at your hypothesis.  Were you wrong or right?  Why?  Seriously, the best projects are when you were wrong, because it is proof of learning!  
    • You will also need to journal your project.  Use ink to write in a notebook in which pages cannot be removed.  Begin journaling as soon as the topic is approved and record EVERYTHING you do in working on your project.  Journal will be turned in with display board and report.






    How to set up a display board.


    The left side has the beginning of your project.  

    The middle is about the experiment.

    The right explains the results.  


    In front of project, journal AND report will be laid.

    Do not bring in a model or anything to “show” how it works.  That should be part of the report and easily explained with your words or a picture.

    Anything on this board should be in your report as well (but not so big).




    Important Dates!!!!

    October 24th - 1st Journal check will be made - should be finished with first part.

    November 7th - 2nd Journal Check -should be finishing experiment and well into report.

    December 5th - 3rd Journal Check - experiment finished and report being processed.

    (Anything turned in early might be returned for improvements!)

    January 4th, 2018- Project is due!