• We are starting State Standards:  RI.7.2, RL.7.2. L.7.4a, SL.7.1,L.7.2, W.7.9 and W.7.10. Along with the next State Standards: RL.7.6, RI.7.6, RI.7.9

    Students will be able to: determine theme or central idea; analyze theme/central idea development; examine and discuss the relationships of character, setting, and/or plot to the theme; provide an objective summary of the text;understand the use of proper English conventions for a sentence and writing purposes.

    The student will also be able to: explain and identify various viewpoints; understand and explain the development of the narrator's or speaker's perspective, determine and analyze the effect of different viewpoints; analyze how an author addresses conflicting evidence or viewpoints; determine if sufficient evidence is presented to support an argument or claim.

    We will continue working with using context clues for understanding unfamiliar words in the text. 


     Essential Questions:

    How are approaches in understanding the central idea of the text differently depending on text genre?

    How do differences in the viewpoints of characters and the audience/reader create effects such as suspense or humor?

    How does acknowledging and responding to conflicting perspectives strengthen an argument?


    The text that we will be using for this unit of study includes: Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls, The Raven

    The students had a personal choice for doing reading logs. Reading Logs/Reading Progress assignments are due biweekly starting on January 19, 2018.

    This unit will continue through the month of February.