• Daily Schedule


    Students arrive, unpack, make a lunch choice, go to breakfast (if they choose), and begin morning work.

    8:30-10:10     Literacy

    Teacher and assistant meet with guided reading groups. Students who are not in guided reading are in literacy based centers that strengthen reading and writing skills. Weekly themes are used in centers to make centers more engaging for students. Science and Social Studies Standards are also included in themed centers.

    10:10-10:55     Enhancements

    1. Monday- Art
    2. Tuesday- Technology
    3. Wednesday- PE
    4. Thursday- Music
    5. Friday- Media

    10:55- 11:35     Enrichment

    *This time is designed for remedial activity and/or strategies to strengthen individual student needs.

    Daily Quick Write- Students complete a daily quick write designed to strengthen writing elements (spacing, punctuation, capitalization, etc). and sentence formation. Teacher and assistant pull small writing groups to implement differentiated instruction.

    This time is sometimes used for science and social studies lessons.

    11:35-12:00     Lunch

    12:00-12:40     Literacy

    Pam Allyn Core Ready Lessons/Story Elements

    12:40-1:00     Writing

    Writing instruction that aligns with/supports Core Ready lessons

    1:00- 2:15     Math

    Eureka Math lessons

    2:15-2:30     Afternoon Wrap-up and Snack

    During this time, teacher facilitates a summarizing disuccsion about what was learned during the day. This time allows students to revisit what was learned throughout the day. This time also allows teacher to identify what stuck out to students and what might need to be revisited. Studnets also eat snacks during this time. 

    2:30-3:00     Recess

    3:05-3:15    Bathroom/Water break and Pack up