Mr. Johnny Pilkington

Phone: 919-639-6161


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Mr. Johnny Pilkington

March 23 - March 30  Remote Learning 

All classes/assignments can be accessed via google classroom.

Google Classroom Codes:

American II (1st and 3rd Period): iujf6ph

Honors Civics and Economics (2nd Period): iqq2yvf



Hello and welcome to our Civics & Economics class.  I look forward each day to teaching and working with all students and hope that all students that walk through my door are willing to be engaged in our class and topic.  This is my twenty-ninth year teaching high school social studies.  My first ten years of teaching were spent at Western Harnett High School.  The ramainder have all been at Harnett Central High School.  I have taught all the subjects of Social Studies imaginable, World History, US History, Civics & Economics, ELPs, Geography, American I, American II, and AP Government.  

Outside of the classroom, I have put in many years of service in coaching the high school sports of baseball,tennis, boys' & girls' soccer.  I also have served as our school's assistant AD for many years. 

Students or parents, do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can do to assist you.  Students that apply themselves, participate, and complete assignments will find our class enjoyable and will be quite successful.  Students that do not accept the responsibility for their own performance will have difficulty finding success.