1st Period- English II-

    Google Classroom code-6yf5gqw


    2nd Period-English II-

    Google Classroom code - ld2fyfh


    3rd Period-English 1-

    Google Classroom code- eogqbrs


    4th Period-Planning


    Advisory- Google Classroom




    Supplies students need:

    1. (NO spiral notebooks) -Bring your Chromebook fully charged with you each day of in peron learning.
    2. Majority of work will be done online.
    3. Hand sanitizer for personal use- If you have any extra sanitizer to donate to the classroom it will be appreciated.
    4. Lots of pencils, erasers, blue or black pens only. 
    5. Colored pens for grading together.
    6. Chromebook with their charger and earbuds with a microphone
    7. Plenty of loose leaf paper. 
    8. (1) Composition book (has a binding) needed for  warm-ups ( bring asap)


     ONLINE- Students need to be online at the designated time of each class. The Google Meet code is in the upper left hand corner of their Google Classroom. The link will only work once the teacher has got online.
    Notes: I reinforce and highly recommend that my students take notes when they are online and in class on what we are doing in class. They will find it will help them study for quizzes and tests. Graphic organizers will be used to help students.