Job Shadowing Information

Job Shadow Information

  • Interested in Job Shadowing?

    All students MUST meet the minimum requirements and COMPLETE the following before Job Shadowing can be scheduled:

    Student Requirements:

    • 70 or higher in ALL classes
    • parent and teacher approval on Job Shadow form
    • Must not have excessive absences in any class
    • Job Shadow request MUST match a Career Match from your CFNC Profile
    • Student must be able to provide their own transportation to and from the Job Shadow site
    • Job Shadows must be scheduled in advance and through the Career Development Coordinator

    CFNC: Career Planning 101 (This MUST be done before completing a Job Shadow application)

    •  Log into your CFNC account (if you do not have a CFNC account you will need to create one and use your PERSONAL email address)

    Once you are logged into the CFNC site - the following MUST be completed 

    • Click on the Orange Plan Tab
    • For A Career
    • Learn About Yourself
    • Career Cluster Survey
    • Interest Profiler
    • Career Key
    • Ability Profiler
    • My Learning Style

    When Complete -Click “Add to Profile” to SAVE this information to your account!


    Once all required CFNC assessments have been completed, complete a Job Shadowing Form and return it ASAP to Mrs. Williamson in Room #312. Job Shadow Forms are located outside of Room #312

    Once you have turned in the completed Job Shadow Form, Mrs. Williamson will contact you to discuss job shadowing opportunities and work out a scheduled time and location.

    Job Shadow Application

  • The purpose of Job Shadowing is to:

      • Develop an awareness of the education, training, and skills required in a specific occupation.
      • Become familiar with the environment associated with a specific occupation.
      • Identify the job-related characteristics required of specific careers.
      • Determine the degree of interest in an identified occupation.
      • Observe the job responsibilities of a person in a profession of your area of interest.

    The student will gain:

      • First-hand experience in a job setting related to your career interests
      • Obtain a better understanding of job requirements
      • Ability to make better career decisions
      • Develop confidence in communicating with adults
      • Improved self-image
      • Increased motivation to excel in school