• Parents,

    Each level of Spanish uses a different standard. In Spanish 1, Novice Low (NL) and Novice Mid (NM) are used; and in Spanish 2, Novice Mid (NM) and Novice High (NH) are used. Lastly, in Spanish 3 and 4, Novice High (NH) and Intermediate Low (IL) are used.

    For exact details on the expectation of each level, you are welcome to access the NC World Language Standards. Again, to learn more about the standards taught, use the following link  http://www.ncpublicschools.org/curriculum/worldlanguages/scos


    Keep in mind: 

    Using Spanish as an example for alphabetic languages, heritage language students can enroll in Spanish for Native Speakers I and Spanish for Native Speakers II, which is an honors course. The honors courses are equivalent to a Level III course in proficiency expectations. Upon completion of these two courses, students can proceed to Spanish IV and/or Advanced Placement (AP) Spanish, where they will be joined by fourth- and/or fifth-year students who are studying Spanish as a modern language.

    High school grades 9-12 have language-focused programs. These are intended to develop proficiency in the modern language, to articulate to college-level language courses, and to provide the credits students need to meet.  These courses meet college entrance requirements, like the University of North Carolina system’s Minimum Admissions Requirement of two credits in the same second language or demonstration of proficiency in a language other than English.

    World Languages Note on Numbering:

    NL – Novice Low Proficiency Level Note on Strands: CLL - Connections to Language & Literacy COD – Connections to Other Disciplines CMT –

    Communities Note:

    The North Carolina World Language Essential Standards are organized by proficiency level, rather than grade level or grade span, to embed the multiple entry points for language learning across the K-12 spectrum. Exit proficiency expectations have been determined that show what a student is expected to be able to do with the language at the end of a specific program or particular class. The proficiency expectations charts are included with the program descriptions in the preamble.