Harnett County Schools Right Choice Program A First Offender Drug and Alcohol Intervention

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    Daymark Recovery Services
    Daymark Recovery Services and Harnett County Schools have had a working relationship for several years utilizing various programs and services.  Daymark Recovery Services has agreed to provid an alternative education program called "Right Choice" for student and parent/guardian or mentor.  The programs used by Daymark Recovery Services are science-based drug prevention curriculums approved by he State of North Carolina.  The programs are designed to reduce the onset of substance use/abuse and the regular use of substances.

    Phone: 910-893-5727
    Fax: 910-893-6494
    Hours: Monday-Friday 8 AM to 5 PM

    Any student in violation of the Harnett County Board of Education alcohol/drug policy (Rule 7), on the first violation only, may request to participate in "Right Choice" as an alternative to possible long-term suspension or reassignment to an alternative educational setting. Any student having once participated in the program will not be eligible for participation for future offenses throughout the remainder of his/her educational career. However, any student in violation of the policy for a second time, but the student's first violation pre-dates the implementation of the program (prior to the 2012-13 school year), can be referred to Daymark Recovery Services. Additionally, a student will not be allowed to participate in the program if the request is denied by the Superintendent.

    Voluntary Referrals
    Students who are using substances or those who are suspected of being "at-risk" for using substances may also participate in the "Right Choice" program. These may be students who are referred by parents, school staff, the Student Support Team or those students who refer themselves. The same procedures should be followed with these students as with students who were in violation of schools rules except that there will be no disciplinary consequences.

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