• 8:00-8:40- Morning Jobs/Morning Work

    *Whole class Lyrics 2 Learn" Website

    8:45-10:10- Literacy Block/Guided Reading & Center Stations

    *Each rotation is 20m minutes each

    10:15-10:45- Recess

    10:50-11:10- Literacy Interventions/Read Aloud

    11:15-11:45- Lunch

    *We sit at table F.

    11:50- Bathroom at Blue Hall

    11:55-12:35- Social Studies/Science Integration


    Monday: P.E. (Please wear sneakers), Tuesday: Art , Wednesday: Music, Thursday: Guidance (Week A) Library (Week B)

    Friday: Technology (Please make sure your child has headphones that remains at school.)

    1:30-2:30- Math Centers

    *Snack is eaten around 1:30 while in Mrs. Gilchrist & my Math center. If it's a birthday snack, we have it as a whole class for a few minutes to celebrate.