• Daily Schedule

    Tentative Schedule (This may change as more information is provided to me.)

    8:00-8:30-Morning Work


    Complete math and ELA morning work.  A new document will be shared each Monday.  On Monday, you complete the 4 problems for day 1 and then on Tuesday, move on to the day 2 problems and complete those. Continue through Thursday. On Friday, there is a quiz which contains problems similar to those which appeared M-Th. The M-Th problems can be completed on paper and we will correct them together.  Answers for the Friday paper will be entered on a Google Form and collected for a grade.  Please do not use calculators on the math portion. 


    8:30-9:00-Correct Morning Work and Do Daily Vocabulary

    Be prepared to go live on a Google Meet to correct the morning work problems.  Students may be asked to show their work or explain their thinking regarding how they got their answers. We will then do daily vocabulary work. New words will be introduced and students will complete the work for them one and we will correct them the next day.  There will be a quiz over the words every 5th day of instruction.



    Students will listen to digital lessons and complete work in language arts.  This may be as a whole group, in small groups or doing independent work.  The reading may be within a different subject area, such as reading about social studies or science, but reading and writing will be involved.


    10:15-12:00-Break Time, Recess, Lunch

    Parent/Guardian discretion on how this time is used



    Some parts of this time will be whole-group and some will be small-group or independent work time. Students may be doing various math activities during this time.


    1:20-1:30-Afternoon Break


    1:30-1:50- Read Aloud

    Enjoy a chapter or two from a fantastic novel read aloud by the teacher!


    1:50-3:30-Flex time

    The teacher will be available for virtual meetings with students who have questions, need additional assistance or would like to speak with the teacher about something.