• Harnett Primary School Supply List



    2 pump bottle of hand sanitizer                                                  2 boxes of Kleenex

    1 box of gallon size Ziploc bags(girls only)                                1 can disinfectant aerosol Lysol spray(boys only)

    1 pack Crayola washable fat markers                                         2 boxes of baby wipes

    1 nylon zippered pencil pouch                                                    10 glue sticks

    1 bottle of hand soap                                                                   2 boxes of basic 8 color crayons

    1 package of Expo Dry Erase markers                                         1 pair of blunt or safety scissors

    1 white t-shirt                                                                              2 packages of disinfectant Clorox wipes

    Bookbag (no wheels) Labeled with your child’s name.              Pencils

    *Please label all items with your child’s name. * You will be asked to provide a snack throughout the year.



    1st Grade

    A change of clothes(including undergarments & socks) in a large zippered bag or grocery bag with the student's name on the outside.

    Bookbag(no wheels)                                                                          6 spiral or composition notebooks

    2 containers of Clorox wipes                                                                          1 pump bottle of antibacterial soap

    2 or more boxes of Kleenex                                                                 100- 3 x 5” index cards

    6+ glue sticks                                                                                      4 pink block erasers

    2 packs yellow #2 pencils(no mechanical)                                         3 boxes of crayons – no markers, please

    2 – 2 pocket plastic folders                                                                1 pair of scissors

    1 box Ziploc bags(Girls – gallon size)                                                1 pencil box or zippered pouch

                                 (Boys- quart size)                                                  2 pads of Post–It Notes

    *Please Note No rolling book bags, pencil sharpeners, trapper keepers, mechanical pens or pencils.



    2nd Grade

    1 bookbag

    4 dozen pencils (#2)                                                                           1 box of crayons (at least 16 count)

    2 boxes of Kleenex                                                                              5 packs wide ruled notebook paper

    2 pump bottles of antibacterial soap                                                  1 container Clorox wipes

    2 spiral notebooks                                                                              1 pack of erasers

    10 glue sticks                                                                                      1 bottle hand sanitizer (at least 8 oz)

    1 box Ziploc bags(sandwich size)                                                       1 pencil case

    1 pair child scissors                                                                            1 set of headphones

    2 composition notebook

    *Please Note No rolling book bags, pencil boxes, pencil sharpeners, trapper keepers, mechanical pens or pencils.



    3rd Grade


    5 black & white marbled notebooks(any color/no spirals)                 Pack of pencils

    Notebook Paper                                                                                  1 box Crayola crayons

    Hand soap or hand sanitizer                                                               colored pencils

    4 boxes of Kleenex                                                                              Red pens                                                        

    A 1½ inch binder                                                                                           


    *Please Note: Highlighters, pens, and pencils will need to be replaced throughout the year. Each teacher may request additional supplies.