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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Physical Education (UNCP)

Mrs. Lori Winans

My name is Mrs. Lori Winans.  I married the love of my life, Justin Winans, in 2006.  We have two kids, Jordan and Asher, that keep us busy with church and sports (especially travel softball).  I have been teaching Health and Physical Education since 2007.  I am passionate about my content and have extremely high expectations for my kids.  Don't be surprised when they come home with homework for my class, but know that it is designed to make them happier and healthier.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me.  


    I sent home a project for 8th grade today, January 10.  This project is due a week from today (Friday, January 17, 2020).  So, please make sure that they get this complete, as it counts as a test grade.  Also, there are only two days left in the grading period after the project is due, so there is not a lot of time to submit the project late.  

    Please know this project is designed to help your child know what health issues they may face, because of genetics, so they can start making healthier choices now.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  I have attached a link to a copy of the assignment below.

    Family Tree Project

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  • In my class, I'm constantly focusing on helping students be the healthiest individuals they can be.  This includes not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.  So, don't be surprised when they come home frustrated that they had to talk or think about their feelings.  

    6th grade is currently finishing up their unit on "Interpersonal Communication and Relationships."  When we finish, they will move on to the same unit as 7th and 8th grade.

    During our current health unit we are studying "Personal and Consumer Health."  This topic will cover a wide range of information from disease prevention and healthy choices, to environmental health and knowing how to evaluate health claims and products.  If you ever have questions about what were are learning, please feel free to email me.  I also have a link attached in the NC Curriculum Standards tab.  This will give you a break down of the objectives so you know exactly what is being covered.  

    I'm including some basic information of things you need to know for my class.

    Grading Policy - Work always has a due date!  With that said, the majority of the time, students are allowed to turn work in late.  There are very few assignments that cannot be made up, but students are notified when that happens, and they know there is an all or nothing deadline.  But, for the purpose of holding students accountable (and to get them ready when they have due dates for bills) there is a deduction when work is turned in late.  

    - 10 points off per day when an assignment is late

    - I stop taking points off after day 5

    - I take into consideration absent days (but ALL projects have a hard deadline)

    - I will NOT accept missing/late work more than 2 weeks after the original deadline

    Supply List

    - Students always need their binders, pencils/pens, loose-leaf paper and agendas, these are school wide requirements (I just need them to have a divider in the binder, so they have a section for my class)

    -Tissues, hand soap and paper towels (we have a sink in my room!!!!), cleaning wipes


    We have an approximate 3-week rotating schedule between Health and PE.  A copy of this schedule can be found on the Daily Schedule tab.

    Homework Information

    It is very common for students to have homework on a regular basis in my class.  So that you are able to help remind your kids, I keep a list off all homework assignments and due dates on my website.  This is found on the Important Information tab.

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    My classes are having issues with behavior that is mature enough to match the age of our students.  These behaviors are keeping students from learning in an environment that allows healthy class discussion and is causing me to spend more time on redirecting behavior issues than teaching.  This is frustrating to myself and those students that have a desire to learn, and has us already 3 days behind schedule.  As a result, I am restructuring the way I handle discipline issues in my class.  Here is the new plan!

    Issue 1 - I will give student a warning

    Issue 2 - They will immediately get on the phone and call you so we can talk about the behavior 

    Issue 3 - I will submit an office referral about the issue


    Please speak with your child and see if there is anything you need to be aware of or anything you may need to direct.  If you have questions, or are concerned that your child may exhibit some behavioral concerns, feel free to email me.  I hope this can be quickly turned around so that all students are able to learn and grow in this class.

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