• Going with the flow....

    Posted by Erica Westbrook on 3/30/2020

    Good Morning,

    I hope I had a chance to speak with each of you last week, if not its no big deal.  I enjoyed all of conversations and I am working to decide what is the best way to get the "extra" things to you that some of the students are needing as soon as possible.  I wanted to let you know that there have been some changes due to the Stay at Home Order.  I will be emailing you as I get more information this morning about the new packets and how this may effect the upcoming weeks.  Please be patient and know I am doing what I can with the what I can.  We all have to "go with flow."  I will make a new blog post when I send out the emails, if you do not get an email from me, please use the email at the top of this page andsend me an email letting me know that the email address I wrtalkote down did not work.  I will fix it and re-send it to you.  Thank you so much.  The only way to get through this time is work as a team.  Please tell my "friends/students" how much I miss them and I hope to set up a time or two this week to on Goole Meet that we can see, talk, and learn.



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  • Contact Information

    Posted by Erica Westbrook on 3/26/2020

    I hope this message finds everyone well. I am currently in the process of trying to contact all parents.  If you have not spoken to me yet, I will reach out to you sometime today or tomorrow. If you get a chance please take a minute and email me a good email address for you.  This way I know I have a working email so I can set up Google Meet.  Dr. Street put a Facebook message on the schools page yesterday.  If you do not get the Facebook posts, it might be a good idea to go and like the page for future announcements from the school. Please remember the next packet pickup date will be April 6th, from 11:30 to 3:30 and 5:00 to 6:00.  1st grade is in the process of getting that packet put together. Please remember that this is the time to be patient and we all need to work together to make this new learning experience a success. If something isn't working for you, please let me know and we can work together to figure it out.  My email address is at the top of the webpage and I will try and respond as quickly as I can. I have two mottos I am saying over and over during this time: "This will not last forever!" and "If at first we do not succeed we will try, try, try again." We can do this guys. Just take one day at a time. Please give my "friends" a hug and tell them I miss them.

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  • COVID-19 and School

    Posted by Erica Westbrook on 3/24/2020

    Hey Guys,

    First let me start off by saying that I miss my little kids and I hope if you happen to see this that you give them a big hug and tell them Mrs. Westbrook says hello.  I know so many of you may have questions, but believe me when I say so do all us teachers. Please continue to be patient as we work with our administrators and together as a 1st grade team to try and come up with a solution that we believe would be best for our students.  Other grades may be doing things differently, but we have to look at things by age and as an entire grade level. Please know we are working to make these decisions as soon as we can. I am meeting with my team digitally tomorrow and hope to contact everyone this week with some type of information. I will try and update this blog as often as I can, and if you find others that do not know to look at my website for information please tell them to check daily. I know this is a trying time.  :). Please be safe.

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