Mrs. La'Verne Godfrey-Jones



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. La'Verne Godfrey-Jones

I was born in New York, raised in Alabama, where I lived the majority of my young adult life.  I decided to relocate to North Carolina to support my only/oldest brother upon his arrival from serving in Desert Storm in 1991.  Living in North Carolina has provided me with opportunities to grow and develop, both in my personal and professional life.

I was employed with the United States Postal Service for almost 10 years, until the Remote Encoding Center closed permanently. As a determined single mother in the 90's, I felt that it was my obligation to my son to provide structure, substance and security that only a advancement in education could provide.  In order to support my son financially, I became a Substitute Teacher (2001) while furthering my education.  Since that time, I married my wonderful husband of 17 years and gave birth to another King.

I have served faithfully in education as a Substitute Teacher, Discipline Clerk, Teacher's Assistance, One-on-One, Bookkeeper, Lunch Monitor, finally a Career & Technical Educator.  Upon having my second son, I decided that it would be rewarding to obtain an advanced degree that would provide more structure and stability for my family.  These life altering decisions have proven to be rewarding to my family and self.

As an educator, I take pride in being a part of the future.  I make an attempt to form a relationship with every student enrolled in my class or participating in clubs that I advise.  Facilitating education is not a duty, it is my passion in which I find pleasurable.  I look forward to seeing my students every day that school is in operative.  I make a point in upholding the standards and requirements of being an educator.  I do not judge students, nor do I allow others to disrespect or judge.  My classrooms are welcoming to all students.  One would say that I am a very strong advocate for students and educators.

It is my responsibility to continue my education, develope myself professionally and exhibit the knowledge and skills obtained in regular workshops, professional development, conferences, etc.  Such responsibilities allows me to deliver quality education to my students.  Currently, I am in pursuit of obtaining my Master's Degree in Education - Leadership/Administration.  Yes! I am at it again!

My long term goal is to become an administrator that will successfully provide an effective education to students, life-long opportunities for educators, valued support to parents and rewards to stakeholders.  I look forward to what the future has in store for me as a educator now, an administrator soon to become.

Thank you for allowing me to serve your son or daughter and assist in molding their future, correction: SUCCESSFUL FUTURE!