Contact Info:

    Mrs. Stephanie Jordan

    *Email: sjordan@harnett.k12.nc.us

    *Email is the most effective and efficient way to contact Mrs. Jordan and receive the most timely response. 

    **Please note that emails received after school hours (especially after 8 PM) may not be received and/or replied to until the following school day.

    *Phone: 919-499-5113 ext. 2424


    Fall 2020

    • 1st pd (English II)
      • 2nd pd (AP English III)
        • 4th pd (English II)

    Directions for joining:
    1. You must be logged into your school Google Account (@harnettstudents.org).
    2. Open the Google Classroom website, (or the free smartphone app)
    3. Click the + (upper right side)
    4. Click "JOIN CLASS"
    5. Enter the code for your class and period to link to and join the class. 

    Mrs. Jordan's Schedule (Fall 2020)

    1st pd: English II

    2nd pd: AP English III

    3rd pd: Planning/ Duty

    4th pd: English II