Mrs. Christina Rimbach

Phone: 9194495113


Degrees and Certifications:

History 6-12 English 6-12

Mrs. Christina Rimbach

English room 423

1st Block Planning

2nd Block American Literature (Eng. III)

3rd Block Survey of World Lit. (Eng. I)

4th CCP overflow


Google Classroom Codes:

Block 2: (Cohort A) American Lit.                 m6hf3yh               

             (Cohort B ) American Lit.                s3j4km6

Block 3: (Cohort A) Survey of World Lit.      npi5on2

              (Cohort B) Survey of World Lit.      wehdaig

Block 4: CCP overflow.                                  6nq7ko6


25th year in Education

15th year at WHHS

Notre Dame College - Bachelors of Arts in History/Minor in English 

Ohio Secondary Teaching Certificate

NC Secondary Teaching Certificate

NC Mentor Certificate 2001