Mr. Steve L. Jones

Phone: 910-897-8121 ext. 2267


Degrees and Certifications:

Masters (NCA&TSU)--Guidance and Counseling Masters--(NC STATE)School Administration

Mr. Steve L. Jones

1.  A 12 day assignment list will be mailed to cadets on 6 April that do not possess internet. Cadets must forward study assignment (those marked ***) to Maj Jones [] and SGM Brown [] on their assigned days (see Daily Schedule).  Communication must be by Harnett County School email only.  Cadets will contact their instructors by email on the following days:  Alpha-Wednesdays; Bravo-Thursdays; and Charlie-Fridays.  Parents may contact Maj Jones at 910-308-1672 and SGM Brown 912-432-0625.  Leaders are expected to communicate with their subordinates, continue perpectual learning and assisting cadets with information flow.  Remember the Theme:  "Tell Me----New Mission".  Cadets this a new mission that we can do.  We can do as a team.  Learning is life long.

2.This page will flow into the Daily Schedule.  Note, whenever you observe a (***).  This is the assignment that you post on your assigned company day.