Bettymae Wright Strickland - Harnett County Early College Counselor                                                                 

    I am extremely excited to be a part of Harnett County Early College! Having worked as a school counselor in both Johnston and Wake Counties, I gained a great deal of knowledge working at all three levels of education.  It is my desire to use this platform to further enhance the Early College experience!  I graduated from Campbell University with a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Education.  I was a National Board Certified Teacher from December 2006 to December 2016.  I look forward to continuing to work with the Early College students and parents!!!
    As a high school counselor, I work with students individually, in small groups, and in classroom settings.  Counseling topics may be personal, social, and/or academic.  I work with students to plan high school and college schedules.  It is my goal to assist students in becoming their very best!!

     2019-2020 Central Carolina Community College Course Catalog

    Applications for the Early College are accepted annually beginning in November for the upcoming school year.  I work with the middle school and high school counselors to assist students with the Harnett County Early College's application process.  The Principal, along with myself and students from our SGA student body visit schools to share information with students who are interested in applying to the Early College.  I host an Open House twice a year to encourage prospective students and their parents to visit our campus and gather information about our program.  After the application deadline has been reached interviews are scheduled for prospective students and their parents.  At the end of the process, I will send letters to each selected applicant to inform them of their admission acceptance.


    Graduation Requirements:
    (Mininum 60 Hours Required for an Associates Degree)

    Harnett County School Graduation Requirements   

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