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  • Spring 2020 Courses


    English II: World Literature

    Unit 1: Mythology

    Unit 2: Chinese philosophy

    Unit 3: Epic poetry: Dante's Inferno

    Unit 4: Novel

    Unit 5: Short stories


    English III: American Literature 

    Unit 1: Native American stories 

    Unit 2: Puritan times

    Unit 3: Transcendentalism 

    Unit 4: Gothic horror 

    Unit 5: Novel

    Unit 6: Literary theory 



    • Paper and pencil or pen (black or blue ink). 
    • Chrome book or laptop (school will provide chrome books and laptops, but you may also bring a laptop from home).
    • Novels. Some readings for the course are online; students may wish to purchase a physical copy of the reading, but this is not required.
    • Journal. Journals will be used for discussion and research in every class. Journals may be completed electronically on Google Docs or in a physical journal/spiral bound notebook. If you prefer a physical notebook, I ask that it be purely dedicated to journaling activity, and kept separate from notes for my class and other classes. For instance, your vocabulary notes for my class should not be in the journal.  This is because I may hold onto journals for a day or two at a time while they are being graded. 

    Come prepared with your class materials every day! 



    If you have any questions, I can be reached at rjackson1@harnett.k12.nc.us