Kathryn Whittaker

Phone: 910-436-1436 ext. 3216


Degrees and Certifications:

Kathryn Whittaker

Subject: World History

Education: University of South Florida
M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary Social Science
B.S. Secondary Social Science Education

6 years teaching 8th Grade American History
1 year teaching 7th Grade Geography and World Cultures
2 years teaching 9th Grade pre-IB Civics and World History
3 years teaching World History Regular and Honors

1 year teaching AP World History: Modern

About Me: 
I believe that every child can learn.  With the education the child receives, they will become prosperous and successful members of society.  I believe that children learn best through real world hands-on lessons.  The great thing about hands-on lessons is that they provide an opportunity for teachers to engage in several learning styles at once.  A teacher should not just be a disseminator of knowledge, but a conduit through which learning is facilitated.  In order to accomplish this a classroom needs to be caring and supportive place. 

            It is a truly magical thing to watch a student really grasp the concept you are trying to teach them.  To just look at a student’s face and see “the light” come on when they have solved the problem put before them.  However, in order for a student to attain this moment a teacher must utilize a variety of teaching methods (simulations, lectures, cooperative learning, pairing, and etc.) reaching various modalities (auditory, kinesthetic, and visual).  Not only is employing a variety teaching strategies important, but a teacher should also have a variety of assessment strategies (traditional, holistic, performance, presentation, etc.) in their tool belt.  By doing this I will enable students to take risks, delve deeper than they thought possible, and transform into capable, independent learners.

            To conclude, my goal as a teacher is to mold independent, creative thinkers who can apply their knowledge to any real world situation they may encounter.  In this way I hope to create lifelong learners who will have the courage and tenacity to pursue their dreams.  Furthermore, I would like for my students to not only remember my classroom as a place where they were challenged academically, but as a caring and comforting place where they could genuinely be themselves.